My Own Fukase

WORLDPREMIERE 25 November 2023 @Inkonst , Malmö, Sweden

A seamless, cinematic blend of movement, projection, film, subdued light, drone and deafening lamentation. Polyphonic compositions and deep delving into the pleasantly unpleasant.

In “My Own Fukase” , a fate-saturated collage, we encounter a seamless, cinematic mix of movement, projections, film, subdued light, drone and deafening lamentation . Humans are fascinated by the grotesque; we massage bruises even though it hurts. Humans are disgusted by the smell of decay and at the same time attracted to it –Why is that?

In this interdisciplinary work, choreographer Maria Naidu collaborates with composer Kent Olofsson, visual designer Tomas Romlöv and lighting designer Ulrich Ruchlinski/imULto.

The artistic process is inspired by the complex artistry of the Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase (1934-2012). In his work, Fukase treated love, loss, loneliness, despair, self-destruction and mortality at different levels of depth and abstraction, in a raw, compulsive, sometimes comical and emotional way. “My Own Fukase” explores and draws on these themes through large-scale polyphonic choreography and sound composition, created for one sole live body/voice.