New York in January

Maria went to New York to see shows and ended up dancing with Stina Nyberg, Irene Hultman and Kate Pyle at the wonderful showcase In the Works @ La Mama studio instead.

The showcase has a wonderful vibe and the organisers Meredith Boggia and Magnus Nordberg managed to put together an exiting and eclectic programme. :).

The annual reception at The residency for the Swedish council general was NOT missed either….

Thank you Valerie Green/Dance Entropy!

Creative processes are always a challenge.

This one had a very short time ’til deadline and the dancers and Maria Naidu had never worked together before… A setup that’s a challenge in itself.

Armed with a choreographic structure, some favourite songs and love for dance Maria teamed up with the dancers of VG/DE and together they created ”HOME”- 9 days and 40 minutes.

Thank you Dancers for your trust,Valerie for your willingness to collaborate and The Swedish Arts Council for your support.

Performances at Take Root@Green space October 18-19!!!

One of the few times of stillness in the new work. Photo by Valerie Green

The most basic meanings of home is a place that can’t be seen with a stranger’s eye for more than a moment. Home is home, and everything else is not. It’s is so familiar that you don’t even notice it. It’s everywhere else that takes noticing. Home is more than just a place. It’s also an idea. A way of organizing space in our minds.

Home is energy. Energy is movement. Movement is dance. Dance is home.